• Convenience

    Blowing bark and mulch saves you back pain, slivers, and most importantly time. Blowing uses less material than spreading with a wheelbarrow and rake, it goes on more evenly and in a fraction of the time. Bark blowing is also ideal for those sloped areas that are hard to reach with a wheelbarrow.
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  • Beauty

    For instant gratification and beauty at cost effective rates, bark blowing cant be beat. Our fast and effective bark blowing teams can install bark, soil, or grass seed in a beautiful smooth layer that gives you instant results while maximizing time and money. Best of all we take care of the clean up too! So put the wheelbarrow away and the shovel down; let us do it for you. Whether its a new installation or you just need to freshen things up, big or small give us a try.
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  • Cost Savings

    Advanced bark blowing can install one cubic yard of barkdust in about just minutes! Our large-capacity Bark Blower makes it quick and easy to distribute bark, mulch, topsoil and other material for landscaping projects. The cost-saving bark blower eliminates the labor and cost of hauling and spreading the material, while producing a thick, even groundcover. Blown-on compost and wood mulch improve nutrient levels and water-holding capacity of soils.
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seal2Advanced Bark Blowing are bark blowers located in Coeur d’Alene, ID. We are a locally owned and operated business and have been serving residential and commercial customers in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas for over 10 years.

We’re the only bark blowing company with locally processed materials, and we have the largest blower truck in the inland empire.

We blow bark on both residential and commercial properties all year long. Act now to prevent weeds and provide a beautiful manicured look to your home!

Professional, experienced installers
Perfect clean up
We are very careful around your plants

Competitive pricing on barkdust, compost, cedar chips, and soil blends
We only charge for the actual amount of product blown
We guarantee your satisfaction

Save time and effort
Reach difficult areas
Reduce Material Waste
Minimize Disruption of Surface Grade
Control Erosion

We’ve got you covered.

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