Engineered Wood Fiber



Playground surfacing can help lower the risk of injuries, both during normal play and when your child falls down. The advantages of our engineered wood fiber playground surfaces include:

  • Impact-absorbing surfaces that offer more give than concrete, asphalt, wood, gravel or packed dirt. This is especially helpful if your child falls from a high point, but is also easier on their feet and legs when they’re running, jumping and tumbling.

  • Our engineered wood fiber materials are third-party certified by IPEMA to ASTM standards for playground surfaces, and also meet other standards such as ADA, CPSC and CSA. This means you’re getting playground surface materials that meet or exceed your expectations and the law.

  • Our engineered wood fiber is made primarily from natural virgin wood by-products, meaning there is no negative health or environmental effects. The same can’t be said for rubber mulch, which certain studies have shown to leach out toxic chemicals over time.

  • Field testing that shows our playground surfaces resist years of play in many different weather and environmental conditions – such as extreme heat and cold, rain, wind, snow – and include drainage properties to allow for quick water removal and drying.

These advantages combine to make engineered wood fiber safety surfacing from Advanced Bark Blowing, LLC a smart and easy choice for your playground project. You’re getting natural materials and intelligent engineering in one product, and the result is top quality and performance from your playground surface.